No case to answer!


Amazing news: this afternoon we were freed because the judge said we had no case to answer!! She threw out our case after the prosecution concluded, because she did not believe that they had proved that we had committed Aggravate Trespass. In order for us to be found guilty, the prosecution had to prove that the senior police officer present had a reasonable belief that we were committing Aggregated Trespass. Actually, because the officer in his evidence said that he was only following orders from a more senior officer not at the scene, he did not form a reasonable belief on his own account. So the case was thrown out before the defence even begun!

We’ll put a fuller description of what happened tomorrow, right now we’re celebrating.

Thank you so much to everyone who’s been praying and thinking about us, and sending solidarity messages. It’s made a huge difference.

We’ll be supporting our friends from Put Down The Sword who are on trial in January. Follow their news here.

We’re even more inspired to use civil disobedience against militarism and weapons of mass destruction. Can’t wait.


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